The figure and work of Mother Nina (1889-1957) [579-608]

The article summarizes the master’s thesis on the History of the Church (Marianna Saltini and her work in the dioceses of Modena and Carpi in the first fifty years of the twentieth century) presented at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bologna in March 2009. The main source is the Positio of the […]

For a brief outline of the so-called «New atheism» [557-577]

A new particular phenomenon which is gaining ground today has been identified by some scholars as a «New atheism», using a sort of neologism. This definition may be added to the maelstrom of neologisms and, as such, is likely to be easily emphasized and rapidly abandoned. In order to avoid the all too easy eclipse […]

Luigi Gedda in the Church of Pius XII [531-556]

The article mainly describes the political commitment of Luigi Gedda (1902-2000), the memorable president of AC (Catholic Action) and most of all the founder of the Civic Committees, an organization that during the years after the World War II was able (in someone’s opinion) to defeat the communist and socialist front in the election of […]

A context challenging believers’ practice [503-530]

The attention to the social and cultural aspects of contemporary society is not a concession but rather an essential element of the theological pastoral reflection. The ecclesial practice is not only characterized by procedures that can be attested in different ages and in different geographical areas – and does not bear any process of adjustment […]

Units of work during transition: Searchers for God and searchers for man. A way for lay people and believers to meet within the cultural setting of the ordinary pastoral action [483-501]

The experience of the «Courtyard of the Gentiles» and the recent Letter to the searchers for God by CEI (Italian Bishop Conference) are just a few of the proposals that the catholic Church has been presenting during the pontificate of Benedict XVI to relaunch evangelization in all the environments. Following this synergical effort, the pastoral […]

The Acheiropoieta of Christ in a theological perspective [469-482]

Acheiropoieta: are they extraordinary portraits of Christ’s face «created» by God’s Word Himself or a sort of ingenious invention made by the christian community to legitimate its sacred images? This is the point the research on the «images not made by man’s hands» has been turning around for centuries. The investigation on these images should […]

A significant Church «laboratory»: notes on some theological issues of the first projects of after-council reforms in the diocese of Bologna [439-468]

The article is based on the excellent historical reconstructions by Giampiero Forcesi and Giovanni Turbanti on the way in which the Second Vatican Council was immediately received in the diocese of Bologna. These reconstructions provide the starting point to explain the theological and ecclesiological issues involved in that initial reforming process of the local Church […]

For a foundation of human rights [361-385]

The article moves from a historical analysis of the conception of human rights development, connected to particular social and cultural frameworks. The increasing awarness of the human rights every person must be entitled to and the problem connected to their arbitrary multiplication force us to reflect about the foundamentals of rights themselves. If contractualism leads […]