Sacred space as kerygma and mystagogy [353-380]

Faith tourism is one of the social phenomena characterizing the post-secular society. It should be seen as a «sign of the times», through which the Christian community is invited to renew its mystagogy and, above all, to announce faith to people living in far away places. The sacred space is the physical venue where this […]

From worry to terror. About Social Phenomenology of fear, I [329-352]

Fear is one of the strongest social emotions characterizing today’s Western societies. In the first part, the article provides some different models of interpretation according to the latest European scientific literature: fear as an expression of the modern world instability or as the denunciation of the consequences taking place when the principle of reality fails. […]

Memory as theological topos in Jewish thought throughout the XX century [303-328]

This article proposes a reflection on the complex theme of memory in the Jewish thought throughout the XX century, with the aim of finding some traces of what we could define a theological place. This is a difficult task, considering the historical unwillingness of the Jewish to use the term theology, the great number of […]

The De locis theologicis by Melchor Cano [281-301]

This article tries to examine some theological subjects contained in the De locis theologicis by Melchor Cano, one of the most important works on the theological methodology written after the Council of Trent. It wants to show how the method of Salamanca’s master – once interpreted over the «long times» of the early modern age […]

Researching a specific of the Christian paideia, I [255-280]

This article intends to answer a question concerning the specific contribution given by the Christians to the development of the concept of paideia. In particular, it examines how believers accepted the challenge of attending the old school, that was a place where pagan values were affirmed; in fact, they were fully aware that they were […]