Father Oreste Benzi: priest-prophet [199-206]

The direct testimony of the author is the red thread linking together some guidelines on the life of father Oreste Benzi, a significant figure of priest-prophet of the present time. Through a brief account of some personal meetings, the author reveals the most distinguishing features of this priest from Rimini: «communion» taught as the essential […]

«To love you as much as I possibly can». Relevance of the Curé of Ars [97-130]

This contribution is divided into three parts. In the first part, the author demonstrates how the figure of the Curé of Ars goes through the presbyteral spirituality of most of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries: his sanctity – recognized when he was still alive and claimed during his funerals – has been admitted by all […]

Evolution between science and faith [69-96]

For a long time the theory of evolution has been objected and misunderstood for two main reasons: its apparent contrast with the story of creation given by the Bible and the fact it was frequently combined with materialistic positions. Still nowadays the theory of evolution is considered as the basis of naturalism which denies the […]

«Dilectionis est testimonium cura pastoris» (Gregory the Great, Reg Past. I, 5): the «reception» of Jn 21:15-19 in the Church Fathers. For a spirituality of pastoral ministry. [31-68]

Within a wider reflection on the basic principles of spirituality in the pastoral ministry, this article tells how the text by John 21,15-19 has been «received» by the Church Fathers. For both the Eastern (John Chrysostom) and the Western Church (Augustine and Gregory The Great), «pastoral charity» is the centre of the minister’s spirituality. The […]