The attack of September 11, 2001 drew the attention of the public opinion all over the world to the development of many religious movements defending and reviving the sacral identity, that is being challenged by modern secularism. This process reveals today’s weakness of religions that are afraid of being politically marginalized and culturally irrelevant.
A new form of civil religion may be the way out: each religion offers a substantial contribution to the economic growth of its own country in compliance with the laws in force and in the same way undertakes to contrast any form of illegality and corruption. An open society built also with the contribution of religions will lessen any fear of religious aggressiveness and reduce the extremisms of the fundamentalist tenets.
Religions can thus be faced with an epoch-making chance: changing from an instrumental factor of fear into a concrete agent of hope. They could help save the modern world, freeing it from the fear of the other.

(author: Paolo Boschini)

Summary ed.31 (I/2012)