After recognizing the numerical impact of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements on the historical Protestantism and the worldwide Christianity, this note examines the theological and spiritual roots of these movements in relation to the radical reform and to the evangelical movements of renewal.
Then, it presents some of the cornerstones of the Christian thought and practice which are typical of Pentecostalism and comes to evaluate some of the positive contributions that this reality could give not only to Protestantism but also to Christianism.
The ecumenical interest of this paper is that it offers a reflection that allows the catholic reader to know the protestant point of view on one of the most topical issues of the contemporary development  of Christianity all over the world, in a time when all the institutional churches are in difficulties.
The central point of the analysis, in the conclusion, is the proposal of a functional reconnection between justification and sanctification both in the Christian life and in its theological understanding.

(author: Roberto Bottazzi)

Summary ed.31 (I/2012)