In the cultural background which is called post-modernity, there is a general difficulty about mediating faith and about proposing the announcement of the gospel in accordance with the human way of living. In fact, although not hostile, today’s culture is characterized by a sort of ambivalence which tends to highlight the differences, the subjective points of view and the open and sometimes unspecified interpretations.
The article tries to highlight these aspects and underlines the urgent need for a new evangelization starting from the postmodern provocations that may suggest some new ways leading to faith.
Some thresholds of renewal are thus identified for an announcement which matches postmodern sensitivity:  a new image of God that is redeeming and human, a new reflection on the “breaking” element of Christianity causing “scandal” in the society and, at last, a new evangelization called for by the emerging religious need.
The purpose is featuring a new possible way of “imaging God” in our time through a new style of being Christian in the world.

(author: Francesco Cosentino)

Summary ed.31 (I/2012)