The tenth edition of the spirituality workshop for educators, priests and teachers examined in depth the topic Supporting young people throughout their life choices. The two «basic lectures» highlighted the need to offer young people the possibility of looking at the future serenely as an essential condition for their faith to grow and be able to express itself through the ecclesial diaconate, too and the importance of television and cinema as useful means to understand the world of young people, as they can show some images of youth well before and more effectively than real life can do. The four workshops dealt with the subject of freedom starting from the circularity between freedom and self-knowledge. Through personal knowledge and discernment of one’s own desires and limits in the light of the Gospel’s values, young people can be led to God and to His love and thus be given the possibility of taking a position before Him.

(Author: Luciano Luppi)

Summary ed.27 (I/2010)