For a long time the theory of evolution has been objected and misunderstood for two main reasons: its apparent contrast with the story of creation given by the Bible and the fact it was frequently combined with materialistic positions. Still nowadays the theory of evolution is considered as the basis of naturalism which denies the creation and the soul – a clearly philosophical position. The theory of the evolution of life should not be identified tout court with Darwinism, even less with the philosophical interpretation given by some. There are good reasons to believe that the darwinian evolutionary model, that is valid for microevolution, needs to be further completed in the light of modern advances in biology and palaeontology. On a general level, the article points out some scientific and philosophical considerations emerging from science-derived data and concerning the harmony of nature and man’s peculiarities. From a theological point of view, are examined some issues concerning the evolution-creation relationship: creation, God’s design on creation, the Divine Providence, the specificity of man as a thinking, free being.

(Author: Fiorenzo Facchini)

Summary ed.27 (I/2010)