The article consists of four paragraphs of different length which describe the three parts of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini, underlining its decisive elements and innovative aspects. The analogia Verbi that is the basis of the exhortation and that is thoroughly examined by the author, makes it possible to see the sense of the Word of God to Its full extent and the essential ways in which it unfolds. The study points out how the liturgy, especially the Eucharistic liturgy, becomes the privileged setting for the intelligence of the Word of God, the natural place for proclaiming the sacred Scripture and the decisive reference for the hermeneutics of the faith as far as the Word is concerned. The article ends with a careful analysis of the perspective offered by Benedict XVI as regards the biblical hermeneutics in the Church and a quick outline of the third part of the exhortation dealing with the Word for the world and with the new evangelization.

(author: Ermenegildo Manicardi)

Summary ed.30 (II/2011)