The experience of the «Courtyard of the Gentiles» and the recent Letter to the searchers for God by CEI (Italian Bishop Conference) are just a few of the proposals that the catholic Church has been presenting during the pontificate of Benedict XVI to relaunch evangelization in all the environments. Following this synergical effort, the pastoral visit in the diocese of Venice has developed mutual contacts and attention between the ecclesial reality and the social and civil community. How can this dialogue where each one is listening to the other be continued? The ordinary dimension of the «witness-mission of the christian: within the world’s dimensions and in all the areas where men are living and making their elementary experiences through feelings, work and rest» has been confirmed both during and at the end of the visit. According to this spirit, the «Units of work during transition» (ULTRA) have been proposed to parishes, associations and movements. Cardinal Scola has set out the basic principle as follows: «back up reality and never project any theoretical or practical style on it». This effort of mutual understanding helped realize that today’s radical crisis results from the fact that no adequate analysis was jointly performed by christians and non-believers on the historic change that is currently under way.

(author: Fabiano Longoni)

Summary ed.30 (II/2011)