After considering four essential aspects of the Christian prayer such as difficulty, listening, interiority and the communitarian and historical dimension which represent a sort of obstacle in today’s cultural context, the article indicates three priorities in the process of education on prayer: development of the listening ability, approach to interior life, teaching people to think. This is a work where the basic anthropological dimensions of the human being are to be considered within a process of education marked by reflectivity. To help the synergy between the Spirit of God and the spirit of man, that is fundamental in prayer, it is necessary to develop and transmit the knowledge of the Bible as a sacrament containing and transmitting the word of God, to approach to Psalms as a school of prayer, to favour silence and loneliness as places of knowledge of one’s self and criticism of one’s self. Family, spiritual fatherhood and liturgy are the privileged places where education on prayer is carried out.

(Author: Luciano Manicardi)

Summary ed.29 (I/2011)