The centenary of the birth of father Mario Prandi, a priest from the diocese of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla and founder the «Case della Carità», was celebrated in 2010. This contribution provides a biographical and spiritual profile, describing the context where the Case della Carità were first established and following their development until the founder’s death in 1986. The way the figure of monsignor Prandi is introduced particularly underlines the very close relationship between the various forms of his pastoral action and his ministry as a priest in a small parish on the mountains: a ministry which he took on short before the outbreak of the second world war and which he maintained until his death as an integral part, or rather the basis, of all the activities undertaken by this impetuous, generous and far-sighting priest.

(author: Davide Castagnetti)

Summary ed.29 (I/2011)