The Dogmatic Constitution Dei verbum, promulgated on November 18, 1965 was the result of a complex work. Some knotty problems of doctrinal, methodological and historical character have been faced and solved thanks to a renewed view of the revelation that enabled the Council to better understand also the pastoral question. Forty-five years later, it can be affirmed that the way the Dei verbum was received has borne fruit and important achievements in the life of the Church and – at the same time – has shown the need «to apply more carefully the principles clearly and exhaustively indicated by the Dei verbum». The need to theologically re-consider the concepts of revelation and tradition/transmission in relation to a cultural and social context that has changed emerges from the global view of the DV. The article points out that the path followed by some theologians opens up new perspectives of historical, ecclesiological and hermeneutical importance.

(Author: Pier Luigi Cabri)

Summary ed.27 (I/2010)